The Lighting Quotient designs, engineers and manufactures advanced luminaires for architects, lighting designers, interiors experts and the entire professional lighting community.

From simple utilitarian structures to grand architectural masterpieces, we combine serious engineering performance with elegant artistic design.  The Perfect Equation.

Founded in 1977 by architectural lighting pioneer, Sylvan R. Shemitz, The Lighting Quotient today is an exciting new vision of a venerable heritage. Our rich history of innovation continues to drive inventive design and uncompromising quality, but our minds are focused fully on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s science, adapting existing technologies and inventing new ones for the ever-changing needs of today’s lighting professionals.



The best in class of asymmetric performance luminaires, elliptipar® produces an even wash of light across any architectural surface, no matter how broad or tall. The same iconic reflector used for all traditional light sources now also serves as a superior heat sink for our even better asymmetric LED optics, including patented fraqtir™ technology.  MORE



In any office setting, either open plan or private office; we create light fixtures that combine task and ambient lighting into portable units that are oriented on or around workplace furniture systems. tambient lighting solutions are proven to enhance workers comfort, productivity and energy conservation.  MORE


Culture of Innovation

“Do something unique to advance the art, not the same old thing.”

The words of founder Sy Shemitz still echo in the hallways. Many of The Lighting Quotient’s innovations represent paradigm shifts in lighting design, changing the way the world looks at lighting.


Design Excellence

Real design innovation comes from within. We employ the most gifted and courageous designers and engineers in the industry. Our team strives for leading edge design – accelerating technology, not just keeping up with it. Inventing, not just innovating. We develop one-of-a-kind luminaires that seamlessly combine science, engineering performance, optical excellence and architectural relevance, with a keen understanding of the human experience and uncompromising adherence to energy codes and sustainability goals.


Customer Focus

True customer care is not reactive. It anticipates needs. It is not a single touch point. It is a continuous loop of interaction – from design to manufacturing, from assembly to shipping and from installation to performance. We do not consider ourselves a product vendor, but rather a partner in lighting, here to guide, answer and inspire the people we work with and work for. We are never out of touch with our customers.


Quality Control

There is no equal. We set the standard for quality and performance, leading by example and exceeding the standards of our competition. Compromise is not acceptable. We prove it by keeping all design, manufacturing and assembly in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing and creating a tighter supply chain. We employ uncompromising quality audits and checkpoints of our own design. We also prove that we care a little bit more by CHOOSING to adhere to the most rigorous standards and best practices prescribed by the industry’s leading organizations and governing bodies.