Lighting controls are essential to achieving effective, energy conscious lighting installations, and as energy codes become more stringent, it’s important to implement robust, reliable lighting controls that also embrace change. Our wireless controls products are designed to enhance occupant comfort, reduce energy use, save on construction materials and installation, and to provide a simple, scalable solution that serves projects of all sizes – from single rooms to whole buildings.


Why Wireless?

Wireless control systems simplify and detangle complex building infrastructures and deliver ultimate flexibility. In addition to reducing initial wiring and labor costs, they are inherently reconfigurable, scalable and future-proof. Wireless also goes where wires can’t – it’s a perfect, solution for upgrading existing facilities, and a wireless platform supports a more sustainable LEED-driven model of portable, plug-and-play building systems, furniture, and lighting.  


Energy Harvesting

Eliminating control wiring is a good start, but ultimate freedom and sustainability is achieved by eliminating the supply wiring, energy consumption, disposable batteries, and ongoing maintenance efforts that define traditional wireless controls. Our self-powered sensors use photovoltaics to power their radios using ambient light, while our switches generate wireless signals when you press  the rocker. Not only are these devices simple to install, they don’t draw power from the grid, you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries, and you won’t be sending used batteries to the landfill. A worry-free, maintenance-free solution increases reliability, and self-powered switches and sensors can be installed nearly anywhere – even on a portable glass wall or a suspended acoustical panel – since there are no power wires to conceal.


Enocean Radio

Our wireless devices communicate using EnOcean, an ISO/IEC low-energy radio standard. Just like Bluetooth and WiFi, EnOcean certified devices are made by numerous companies and are interoperable. at 902MHz in North America and at other frequencies worldwide. Dedicated frequencies and range verification technology assure signal quality, interoperability, reliability, and scalability. Integration with other building systems is also available using EnOcean gateways. For additional information, contact us at