People & Values

Not just company leadership. Thought leadership.

Our greatest resource is our human resource. And we invest heavily in it. Our people are innovators, often inventors. Multiple award-winners. Paradigm shifters. Highly sought-after speakers and educators. Leaders not just in our company, but in the ideas and technologies that lead the entire industry forward.

Core Values

To be avid students of new technologies and processes. To demonstrate true industry thought leadership.

To never copy or be copied. We seek out and embrace what has not been accomplished in architectural lighting.

To target unserved and underserved markets with superior solutions in order to expand our business and secure our future.

To respect and exemplify the legacy of our founder, we will only produce fixtures of uncompromising quality in construction and performance.

To share what we learn with our contemporaries and heirs, and show the highest regard for these individuals in the way we work, act and interact every day, to preserve our place among the elite in our business for generations to come.