We are manufacturers, employers and community members. We are part of an industry immersed in technology, energy and environmental impact. Responsibility factors into virtually every business decision we make.

Energy Efficiency
Our founder, Sylvan R. Shemitz, engineered the elliptipar® reflector to harness the physics of light. To generate more light with fewer luminaires – an energy saving solution ahead of its time. That thinking continues today. By focusing on next generation optics, the latest lamp technologies and unparalleled quality and workmanship, The Lighting Quotient is able to meet and exceed the most stringent standards of energy efficiency.

  • Using ROI (return on investment) and LCA (life cycle assessment) considerations in developing new products.
  • Producing products with life expectancies of 20 years or more, which can be then easily upgraded, refurbished or recycled at end of life.
  • Meeting or exceeding IESNA recommended light levels and ASHRA/IESNA Energy Standards whenever possible and contributing credits toward LEED certification for projects.
  • Developing products that work in harmony with daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors and other energy saving controls.
  • Inventing the tambient® line of task ambient lighting systems that can light an open plan office with a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting systems.

Social Responsibility 

We believe in the power of human potential. In fact, we rely on it. So we invest in it. Protect it. And ensure it can grow within our company without restriction.

  • Providing a safe, healthy work environment for our employees.
  • Following personnel practices that guarantee a work environment free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Guaranteeing freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Providing access to health care for employees and their families.
  • Offering employees the necessary training, information and support to succeed.
  • Promoting LEED accreditation, training and awareness among company design engineers and other employees.
  • Encouraging employee participation in the process of continuous improvement in every product we make.
  • Pledging to work against corruption in any form, including extortion and bribery, both internally and externally.

Environmental Responsibility
A responsible lighting solution highlights and enhances the visual environment. A responsible lighting company protects and improves the physical environment.

  • Maintaining the responsible and ethical management of products and processes in keeping with federal, state and local health, safety and environmental standards.
  • Reducing our waste stream by recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum cans and scrap, wooden pallets, electronics and computer equipment; filtering drinking water to reduce the number of plastic water bottles being recycled; replacing paper coffee cups with ceramic mugs; encouraging paperless transactions and communications.
  • Working closely with local utilities to introduce energy efficient retrofits into our building mechanicals.
  • Instituting water usage savings through equipment and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Using techniques such as bulk packaging to minimize waste further along the supply chain.
  • Sourcing recycled content in materials purchased and regularly questioning vendors about their efforts to conserve and recycle.
  • Enhancing our surrounding community by restoring a 1903 factory building to full use and turning an adjacent brownfield into a streetscaped parking lot for our employees.
  • Maximizing the functionality and footprint of our factory facility by following lean manufacturing principals and organizing kaizen teams and events.